That’s My King!

July 9, 2007

It was a good weekend overall in the end – we headed up to the North Coast  of Northern Ireland yesterday with the whole of the Johnston clan – it was a good family time.  My energy levels were lower than normal, and my feelings of helplessness for others, for our church, for myself were frequent…and so waking up this morning, I was praying that God would strengthen me for the week to come, that divine appointments would be made readily available, and that I could be used in great ways for the Kingdom.

And three hours into the working week…I have already messed up here and there….

But I did come across this amazing video which I have seen a couple of times before, which serves to focus our minds and hearts on who we are serving, who we are living for, and who we have got on our side, as Christians.  I hope you gain as much encouragement and strength from this video clip, and from being reminded of the awesome majesty of Our King! 

Keep looking heavenward folks.


One Response to “That’s My King!”

  1. rickhill said

    very inspiring mark – thanks!

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