“Hello world!”  That was the greeting that I was met with as this blog of mine got set up late last week.  My eyes have been opened to the brave new world of blogging…and I’m not quite sure whether it’s something I should be doing or not…but what the heck – I will give it a go for a wee while and see where the adventure leads!

 Do feel free and add your comments to the site…any top tips on how to get fully up to speed with the blogging world would be much appreciated.  Is blogging a really big trend in today’s world?  Is it a specific trend to young folks or are golden-oldies getting into it as well?  What are the key things for a successful blog?  Answers on a postcard please :)…..

 I’m off now to muck around with my site and get it up and running properly…and for those of you that are interested, the picture along the top (which may change in the next couple of weeks) is of Portstewart Strand, Northern Ireland – one of my favourite places in this wee country I call home!

Take care for now, I will add some more thoughts over the next couple of days.

Mark – a brave new explorer in the world of blogging!